Sunday, February 21, 2010

How to control sex

Go out and talk to your opposite sex in a decent manner.Slowly the urge to do things will get controlled as the adrenalin level slowly gets tolerant .With growing age you will learn to control it in a society.Every person at puberty experiences this. Masturbation will kill for a brief time only and the more you do it more you will want to do it.Spending more time with your parents and elders who doesnt evoke any response in that way will help douse it

Saturday, February 20, 2010

How to control my sex feelings

If you are not married you should try control that by avoiding watching sex tv, keep fasting with intention to control yourself,work much to be busy person.If you are ready to married better married quickly so that avoid illegal sex without marriage. Sex feelings should be controled before marriage. In marriage it is natural mentality of each human being.We have that desires from God,just we should control it .We should care so that feelings does not create any bad,illegal deeds.
I know something about this because already 3 years I have to wait peacefully till married,because difficulties with documents

Nepi Stories

The term "Nepi" is short for Nepiophile. A Nepiophile is a person who is sexually attracted to babies and toddlers - usually within the 0-3 age range. The attraction sometimes centers around a toddler's habbits and characteristics, while at other times it is simply the appearence of a baby or toddler that turns a nepiophile on. These stories are based on these themes.

My sex stories

I am a 21-year-old college student attending school at a major university in the southeastern United States. I've been building and scrapping web-sites for years, but this is my first one with "erotica". I'm making the site to showcase my favorite stories of a forbidden nature (or at least my favorites which I have permission to post!). I know that pretty much all the stories around here are of a "forbidden nature", but I tend to get most turned-on by ones of the most sinful topics, such as incest, rape, humiliation, etc (I guess I could use some time on the couch, huh?). The site isn't limited to just those, though. Just check it out and see my sex stories.